Trevor Larkins
0419 203 811

With over 18 years of media experience Trevor brings a wealth of knowledge in media strategy, buying and placement.

Trevor has previously held senior management roles with WIN Television and Southern Cross Radio, and also formed and ran his own advertising agency, Clear View Media.

Over the past 10 years Trevor has developed extensive knowledge and experience in media buying and placement, advertising strategies and cross media promotions, and has been involved in consultancy of overall marketing plans for numerous companies.

My Coffee: Latte
My Teams: Hawthorn (AFL)
Favourite Movie: The Hangover Movies
Why I love what I do: It is exciting being part of a company that has grown from nothing.
Top of my bucket list: Visit New York

What the team say about Trevor… The office is never quiet when Trevor is around… The Hawks winning 3 premierships in a row hasn’t helped.

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