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Queensland Advertising bursary helps kick-start my advertising career

Bridget McCulloch

Over the past three years I have studied a Bachelor of Communication, with a Major in Creative Advertising and Minor in Graphic Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Earlier this year, through the university, I was lucky enough to receive the inaugural USC School of Communications Bursary that was funded by Queensland Advertising.

However, rather than just an exchange of money, QA went even further and generously offered me the opportunity to come into the office and experience the day to day operations of a full service advertising agency.

As most of my peers know, work experience is extremely hard to gain within the industry, especially on the Sunshine Coast, so I was ecstatic at the offer and keen to grab the opportunity with both hands!

Three months down the track, the work experience I have now undertaken with Queensland Advertising has been incredible. I’ve worked with their directors and other staff who have guided me through work with real clients, introduced me to numerous industry professionals, and exposed me to endless opportunities.

I have been working with a range of different clients, preparing anything from media releases to marketing plans. I am also helping to run social media accounts for a major Sunshine Coast development which is really exciting.

Through QA’s guidance and support I have been able to apply my knowledge and undertake real work before I’ve even finished my degree. I know this will give me a distinct advantage when I start applying for work.

With graduation quickly approaching, the work experience I have done with QA is a fantastic leverage to find a career within the industry. Not many other students gain the same opportunities so I am extremely thankful for all the support I’ve received.

I am completely inspired by everything I have experienced so far and it has vindicated my decision to pursue a career in advertising. I have very high ambitions for the future and thanks to QA and USC I am well positioned to enter the workforce.


From Left, Peppi Bueti, Bridget McCulloch, Roger Delaney

Is your advertising being seen or are you wasting money?

There is a lot more to advertising then just placing an ad and expecting a result.

We have many clients that come to us who already have advertising campaigns in place but they are wondering why they’re not getting the results they want.

Advertising can be hit or miss if you are not getting the planning right. As an agency, our role is to research all aspects surrounding each client, their product and the media available. Our main goal is to achieve better outcomes for our clients, by strategically placing advertising across the best possible options whether their budget is big or small.

There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to placing advertising but here are QA’s top 3 tips;

Audience Reach figures will reveal how many viewers, listeners or readers will see your advertising. These figures are heavily relied on when comparing one option to another.

Who are your Target Market and what are their media viewing habits. Many advertisers start off with their own view on what their client is watching, or which radio station is the most popular etc. These views almost always reflect their own preferences. When placing advertising you must consider the Target Market and the research at hand rather than rely on your own or the biased opinion of one particular media.

Cost Efficiency helps you determine which option is going to reach the most amount of people for the least amount of money. There are a number of ways to measure cost efficiency but the most common is cost per 1000 (people). When we are working with a budget it is vital to achieve the best possible result with a limited spend, while your audience reach may not be at the levels you would like,  you will still be achieving the highest reach possible for your budget.

These are just a few of the factors that we consider when planning a media spend. Here are QA, we like to say that we can do it better, so if you are an existing advertiser or have previously ran a campaign that didn’t get you the right results, talk to our team today to see how we can help you achieve better outcomes.

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Why should customers buy from you and not your competitor?

You should be able to answer this question, if you can’t you could be missing out on sales.

Every business needs a unique selling point. The term USP was developed as a strategic way of thinking, to set your business or your product apart from your competitors and offer customers a benefit or value.

In an often crowded market place, where many businesses are selling similar products and services your unique selling point is going to set you apart, and attract customers away from your competitors.

Here are some examples of what a customer might see as a unique selling point in a small business:

1. A locally produced product or locally staffed business

2. A dedicated team with experienced staff

3. A hands on approach and personal dealing

4. Lowest cost or price comparison

5. Highest quality product or service

6. Variety, choice and more options

You need to find a benefit that your business offers over your competitors. (What would customers want most from you?) This benefit doesn’t always have to come in the product, sometimes you’re simply selling a product exactly the same as someone else but you can differentiate your business by offering a value to your customer such as a faster turn around on your service, or some sort of added bonus… the opportunities are endless. This USP should then be used as the theme of your advertising and marketing.

Make sure your customers are aware of the benefits your offer above your competitors, through your website, advertising and even your tagline.

If you think your business doesn’t have a unique selling point or you’re not sure what it is, talk to the team at QA. We can help market your unique selling point so that customers will buy from your and not your competitor.

5 advantages of using an Advertising Agency

There are many positive benefits of using an Advertising Agency such as Queensland Advertising. Firstly, no matter how big or small your business is, we can help plan and book your advertising, you don’t have to be a national company or large brand such as Coles to warrant the advantages an agency can deliver.

Here are QA’s top 5 advantages of using an Advertising Agency:


We are experts in the field! Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of Advertising and Marketing. We have access to research and statistics relating to media consumption, viewing numbers and consumers habits. We will place your advertising where your consumers are going to see it!


A term we don’t normally like to use but is oh so true! Rather than wasting your time dealing with several different companies why not deal with just one. At QA we can help look after your campaign from start to finish, including graphic design, printing, direct mail, radio and TV production, media bookings and much more. Our combined services will save you both time and money.


At QA, we have strong relationships with the media and are afforded higher discount levels due to the overall amount of media we book. We have a buying relationship with Nunn Media, one of Australia’s largest media agencies and this relationship allows us access to discounted media rates rewarded to their mass media buying across the nation. This allows us to both save your business money, and make advertising more affordable to small businesses.


We don’t work for any one media and we don’t have any loyalties. We work for our clients and all of our recommendations are based on the best option for our client. If you were to deal with each media separately, they would all say they are the best option, which won’t always be the case.


There is a lot of research and planning involved in getting your media mix right. With so many options such as TV, Radio, Press, Digital, Outdoor and even more it is vital that you utlise the correct media. An Advertising Agency can recommend the right media mix and strategically plan your advertising to work together and achieve better results.

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Database Marketing – Easy and cost effective!

What is a Database?

An organised system to store and manage information. Not only do you want to keep your customers name, address and contact details (including email and mobile number is a must!) you should also be keeping a record of their behaviour such as purchases and particular interests.

What is Database Marketing?

Database Marketing is a form of direct marketing in a personalised manor to generate communication between your business and a customer, with the goal to promote your product and services and to generate sales. If your database contains behavioural information you can use this info to specifically target certain customers with your communications. For example, if you are a Jewellery Store and you have a database of previous clients which also details who has previously bought a “Swatch” Watch, you already know this client likes the “Swatch” brand so you could specifically target them with an offer on “Swatch” watches, or email them when a new range of “Swatch” watches are released. This targeted style of Database Marketing makes your communication less hit and miss and more effective.

What Database Marketing isn’t!

There is no point in keeping a database with minimal information that has no real value in being able to target your customers. Database Marketing isn’t just a simple list of contact names and addresses, you need to keep vital information that relates to your customers buying behaviour.

Database Marketing isn’t the art of sending out spam or annoying email newsletters all about yourself and your business “me me me”. If you want to send effective communication you need to be sending the right message to the right customers, at the right time.

Sending untargeted information to your customers will make them unsubscribe or

Why is Database Marketing Important?

It’s simple… you can cost effectively keep existing customers. There is the potential of more sales and referral business from your existing customer, It often costs more money to acquire a new client than it does to keep an existing one so why let go of one you already have!

Database marketing allows you to segment customers and identify offers and products that they would like to receive. You will create customer loyalty, generate sales, and customers will remember your brand.

If you don’t have an existing database, start collecting that gold mine of information today! If you do have an existing database, talk to us at QA and we can help you effectively target your customers.

The multi-screen household and what it means for Advertisers

The multi-screen household

Australian’s of all ages continue to spend the majority of their screen time in front of their TV sets. However, the introduction of new screen technologies allows multi use between different devices, separately or at the same time.

I am sure many of you have seen this in your household… Dad is sitting on the couch watching his favourite TV show, while browsing online with his laptop checking out the new car he has been wanting to purchase. Mum is in the kitchen and using the iPad to look online for some recipe ideas for tonight’s dinner, one teenager is in their room on the computer surfing the net and another is watching TV and using her mobile device to simultaneously check social media and shop online. Sound familiar?

A recent report has shown that currently 27% of Australian homes have each of the four screen types: TV, PC, tablet and mobile phone which is up from only 16% a year ago. Also, a considerable 31% of homes now have a tablet compared to only 15% in 2012, this number is likely to continue growing.

Although the notion of multitasking isn’t a new trend, in previous years where someone may have been reading a magazine while watching TV they now have one of these devices either in their hand or nearby that is connected to the internet.

So what does this mean for Advertisers? Consumers are more likely to visit your website or look at your product online if they have just seen your ad on TV and liked it. More screens also mean more opportunities for you to get your brand or product in front of consumers eyes, which proves how important a digital strategy is these days.

But… don’t be confused, it certainly isn’t time to reduce TV advertising! The multi-screen household hasn’t taken away from the popularity of TV viewing, it remains strong and is more than likely to continue this way. The introduction of multiple devices is working to complement each other.

The best way for you to adapt your advertising and marketing plans to the multi-screen household is to incorporate a digital strategy. If you haven’t already or you think your current online activities could be lacking contact QA to find out how we can improve your reach.

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Traditional and digital media proving to be good partners

Traditional media still has an important place in advertising campaigns as long as its understood how to leverage the benefits of an integrated digital campaign according to Queensland Advertising director Roger Delaney.

“Two years ago it became quite clear to us that as a media advertising agency we needed to embrace and lead the way in the digital space for all our clients. At that time we searched the country looking for a suitable partner who could help integrate traditional strategies with the brave new world of digital media and we eventually partnered with a Brisbane based digital marketing firm called Reload Media.

“Reload now works with our clients to boost their digital marketing performance and as one of the few Google accredited agencies in Australia we now work side by side on all media strategies.  We’ve seen firsthand how traditional and digital media can work together to help improve our client’s overall presence in the marketplace.

“We call it the ‘leaky bucket theory’ and that ensures our traditional advertising spend is not wasted when people go to find the business on the internet,” he said.

Rhys Furner from Reload Media says businesses may have recently seen their websites drop in the Google rankings and this is a result of its recent change of its algorithm, now called Hummingbird.

“Hummingbird is a new program which will better reward those businesses who have invested in producing great quality content and optimised websites. It is designed to give people better search results for their query.

“Essentially Google has become more efficient at determining what information a searcher wants to see and the key to improving a site’s Google ranking is to produce high quality, unique, genuinely helpful and shareable content on your website through a blog or resource section such as articles, infographics or videos.

“We are working with Queensland Advertising’s clients to improve their search presence and rankings so that Google will pick up on the themes around this content and begin to identify their relevance for particular search phrases.

“Google’s goal is to give people the information they want so when you align this with your website, you will reap the rewards from search engines, especially Google,” he said.

[caption id="attachment_207" align="alignnone" width="300"]Roger Delaney, Managing Director Queensland Advertising Roger Delaney, Managing Director at Queensland Advertising[/caption] [caption id="attachment_205" align="alignnone" width="250"]Rhys_furner-28 Rhy Furner, Digital Strategist at Reload Media[/caption]

Agencies can make an impression with your budget

As 2013 is coming to an end marketers and business owners are making plans for next year, particularly on their advertising and marketing budget and which agency can provide independent and ultimately the most effective advice on how to spend that budget.

Previously, an effective marketing campaign would use two or three media channels. Today, this has jumped to an average of seven channels such as print, tv, outdoor, radio, PR and a smorgasbord of digital options. Media agencies can determine the right mix of these channels to both suit your brand and your budget.

The main kinds of media to get a company’s message across include the following:

• Paid (once the traditional) – tv, radio, print.

• Owned – the brand’s own website, Facebook, twitter, blog etc.

• Earned – word of mouth, PR.

In 2013 the fastest growing media is owned; Facebook, Twitter, blog etc. Although all of these channels are free, they cost money to set up, maintain and to create worthy content.

So what is the right combination you ask? First you must ask what are you trying to solve, and second, if consumer does ‘x’ now, what do you want them to do in the future?

Only by identifying these questions can you decide how to split your budget amongst the appropriate channels.

Agencies like Queensland Advertising speciliase in determining the most effective media channel mix. We have on our team specialists in the fields of media, digital and PR to strategically plan your split between paid, owned and earned media.

With the full suite of specialist communications disciplines to tap into, an agency can provide you as a marketer or business owner the benefits of our expertise to ultimately create brand awareness and sales for your business.

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