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Get the low down on Director Trevor Larkins

Trevor was born in his father’s home town of Colac in regional Victoria and like so many country towns, football was a way of life.

His father played for Geelong in VFL back in the 1950s and narrowly missed out on playing in a premiership team while his mother was also a very keen tennis player. The family moved from Colac to Swan Hill after Trevor was born, which is where Trevor’s football career began. He started playing when he was 6 years old for Swan Hill juniors St Mary’s School Team and then progressed on to Swan Hill under 17s before playing in the senior team.

Getting to know QA’s Managing Director – Roger Delaney.

Many of you will already know Roger, and with great reason. Roger has a very clear vision for the business and encourages everyone in our office to strive for excellence, with integrity and precision. He is respected by his team and within the industry and it’s fair to say that his professionalism and loyalty has filtered through to all of us.

Roger has had an extensive career in the media industry, but what some may not know is he also had a long and successful career playing professional AFL for his beloved Port Adelaide.

Internship opportunities to third year students

As part of QAdvertising’s commitment to the USC School of Communication bursary program, we also offer internship opportunities to third year students. We recently hosted Kylie Jorgensen who spent time with QAPR director Peppi Bueti to learn practical skills in public relations, event management and marketing. Here’s a quick blog from Kylie about her experience.

Welcoming Fiona Sullivan to the team

This week we welcomed a friendly new (and not so new) face, Fiona Sullivan. Fiona has been appointed as an Account Manager within our Q Advertising Automotive team.

Having previously worked for Seven, Southern Cross Ten and Austereo on the Sunshine Coast Fiona has already worked alongside Q Advertising for several years.

Fiona’s outgoing and friendly attitude along with her vast media experience is a perfect fit for Q Advertising and we are confident that our clients will agree.

We sat down with Fiona for a chat and found out a bit more about our latest team member…

How long have you lived on the Sunshine Coast? 21 years

How long have you worked within the Advertising industry on the Sunshine Coast? Almost 10 years, all good years too!

What’s your favourite TV show? Spics and Specs

What do you love about working in the Media & Advertising industry? It attracts great people so the blend of hard work and good banter.

What’s your coffee drink? My friends cringe as I explain each time – it’s so simple, I don’t get the angst! Coffee, water – lots of it, milk – not much of it, don’t mind if it has chocolate on top, preferably in a glass ….

What can you offer QA clients? A great working knowledge of all media together with a career in sales and marketing but more importantly – loyalty, honesty, integrity and humour!

What attracted you to working at QA? I have been working together with QA for so long , I almost felt like part of the team. I thought it was about time I did the honest thing and joined them. A great and professional team.

Meet Fiona Sullivan;



Catalogues… Junk mail or reading pleasure?

Letterbox marketing has always been debated regarding it’s worth and success. Consumers seem to either love or hate their junk mail, they either read it or they don’t. But for advertisers, is it a worthwhile tool to invest in?

Personally, I read it! For me, junk mail is a guilty pleasure. I like to sit down and relax for 10 minutes when I first get home after a day’s work, cup of tea in hand, and a fresh bundle of junk mail. (I hate it when my partner gets home first and has already tossed it out).

Apparently I am not alone… consumer interest in catalogues is growing and latest Roy Morgan research points to more Australians reading Catalogues than Newspapers.

The stats reveal that 10.5 million Aussie consumers read a catalogue each week. That’s 600,000 more readers than Metro Newspapers and around 4.3 million more readers than local and community newspapers.

Catalogue readership has actually increased from 2012, where Newspaper readership has declined.

Michele Levine, CEO at Roy Morgan Research believes that the increase in Catalogue readership will continue to rise and potentially take over the combined reach of all newspapers (Metro, Local & Community).

In light of these developments (and proof that I myself read catalogues), letterbox marketing looks better in numbers than advertisers may think. When utilised for the right product they have the ability to achieve real results.


Meet Sarah Davis, the latest member to our team

This week we had a chat to our newest team member Sarah, to find out what makes her tick.

Sarah Davis

What experience do you have in the industry? I am relatively new to the advertising industry. I have worked in Marketing and HR roles in the mines in Central Queensland since finishing University. I am used to very fast-paced roles and thrive when working in a busy and dynamic work environment, which is exactly what QA provides.

What has been your favourite project that you have worked on? I have worked on a number of multi-million dollar tenders, which were extremely challenging and rewarding.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? I would like to still be working in advertising or media and hopefully I will have seen a lot more of Australia and the world.

What inspires you in your new position at QA? Being surrounded by experts in the industry inspires me and the approach to always deliver the best we possibly can in everything we do.

What is your best attribute? This is always such a hard question to answer. I think my commitment and dedication. If I do something, I always strive to do it to the best of my ability.

What is your favourite destination that you have travelled to and why? This is really tough!!! I spent a lot of 2014 travelling through Europe and have so many favourite destinations, it is impossible to pick only one. I think my favourite countries were Spain, Greece and Ireland. As far as particular destinations go…. I loved Barcelona, Santorini, Portofino, Florence, Salzburg, Galway & Fussen.

What is your favourite TV show? I mainly only watch sport on TV. But I was a definite Revenge and My Kitchen Rules fan and I love The Footy Show (NRL).

What coffee do you drink? Skinny cappuccino with an extra shot

What do you love about our local area and the Sunshine Coast? It’s home! After travelling a lot and working away for a number of years… It’s always amazing to come back to the Sunshine Coast. Everything really is on our doorstep. I am so happy to be back living and working here.


The world is ageing and so too are consumers

According to Nielsen the ageing population is not being catered for…

[caption id="attachment_294" align="alignnone" width="300"]Senior Consumers Senior Consumers[/caption]

By the year 2050 a massive 2 billion people worldwide will be 60 years and older. Industries are doing little to cater for this aging demographic, in fact quite the opposite is occurring with the ever increasing range of fast moving consumer goods and new fang dangled products and services.

The Nielsen Global Survey about Ageing returned some interesting facts. Consumers are concerned that manufacturers and retailers are doing little to make life easier for us as we get older. Some of the concerns include the need for wider aisles in shopping centres, handicapped accessibility and larger print on packaging.

So, if you are a business operator or marketer how might you be missing out on an opportunity…

Globally we are an aging population which means that the ‘Seniors’ group will have more money to spend. But you won’t capture this spend if you are not targeting your products and marketing to this group. For instance, the Nielsen survey found that more than 4 in 10 cannot find foods that meet their aging nutritional needs, and 51% worldwide find advertising doesn’t reflect the older audience.

These findings should be ringing alarm bells, it’s time to start considering the needs of the ageing population who will become future money spenders and potentially a much larger market than we are ready for.

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How Q Advertising has changed how I experience and interact with news and the media

Insights from Bridget McCulloch, Sunshine Coast University Student and Q Advertising Intern…

A few months ago, social media, television morning shows and other people were my main outlets for consuming the news, never had I thought of actually picking up a newspaper.

Since undertaking work experience with Queensland Advertising, news and the media has become a whole lot more valuable to me.

I interpret, access and absorb news in a whole new range of ways, and I’ve learnt extensively about the process and production behind the way news is put together for consumers.

I have been learning in great detail about the development of media releases, media contact lists, and the importance of research and background information to support these.

I’ve also recently attended a media launch for a major redevelopment on the Sunshine Coast and gained great insight into how the launch is run, how interviews are conducted, and how the outcomes of the launch are distributed.

Not only was it extremely valuable to experience this first hand, but to be a part of and see the importance of the planning and coordinating of a media launch is imperative to my future career in the industry.

QA have exposed me to a significant range of real life experiences that have already, and will continue to support my knowledge of the industry and my opportunities within an advertising career.

So in a nutshell, here’s the tops five things I’ve learnt about generating publicity:

  1. Make sure you have a newsworthy angle to pitch to the media
  2. Prepare a high quality media release with a good headline and quotes
  3. Ensure you have good interview and photo opportunities for the media
  4. The easier you make it for a journalist the better response you will get
  5. Understand who the key local journalists are and what they consider to be newsworthy.

Bridget McCulloch is a third year USC Bachelor of Communication Degree, with a major of Creative Advertising and minor of Graphic Design. She is the recipient of the inaugural 2014 Queensland Advertising USC School of Communication Bursary Award.


Bridget’s behind the scenes look at a news interview.

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